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Feminist Critique and the Museum


Feminist Critique and the Museum: Educating for a Critical Consciousness problematises museums as it illustrates ways they can be become pedagogical spaces of possibility. This edited volume showcases the imaginative social critique that can be found in feminist exhibitions, and the role that women’s museums around the world are attempting to play in terms of transforming our understandings of women, gender, and the potential of museums to create inclusive narratives.

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Mothers, Military, and Society


“Motherhood” and “military” are often viewed as dichotomous concepts, with the former symbolizing feminine ideals and expectations, and the latter suggesting masculine ideals and norms. Mothers, Military, and Society contributes to a growing body of research that disrupts this false dichotomy. This interdisciplinary and international volume explores the many ways in which mothers and the military converse, align, contest, and intersect in society. Through various chapters that include in-depth case studies, theoretical perspectives and personal narratives, this book offers insights into the complex relationship between motherhood and the military in ways that will engage both academic and non-academic readers alike.


Gendered Militarism in Canada: Learning Conformity and Resistance


Little has been done to examine, critique, and challenge the ways ingrained societal ideas of militarism and gender influence lifelong learning patterns and practices of Canadians. Editor Nancy Taber and ten other contributors explore reasons why Canadian educators should be concerned with how learning, militarism, and gender intersect. Readers may be surprised to discover how this reaches beyond the classroom into the everyday lessons, attitudes, and habits that all Canadians are taught, often without question. Pushing the boundaries of education theory, research, and practice, this book will be of particular interest to feminist, adult, and teacher educators and to scholars and students of education, the military, and women’s and gender studies.


Popular culture as pedagogy: research in the field of adult education


"Grounded in the field of adult education, this international compilation offers a range of critical perspectives on popular culture as a form of pedagogy. Its fundamental premise is that adults learn in multiple ways, including through their consumption of fiction. As scholars have asserted for decades, people are not passive consumers of media; rather, we (re)make our own meanings as we accept, resist, and challenge cultural representations."--Publisher's description.


Building on Critical TraditionsAdult Education and Learning in Canada


In recent decades, federal and provincial governments’ neo-liberal policies have entailed greater austerity, privatization, and deregulation. They have dramatically weakened Canada’s social services, literacy, and post-secondary education programs and privatized vocational education. Yet Canada’s adult educators have remained steadfast.Building on Critical Traditions: Adult Education and Learning in Canada is an important contribution to that cause. Adult educators have advanced identity, difference, and diversity through a desire to promote the interests and concerns of underprivileged sectors of Canadian society.

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